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Erica [userpic]
by Erica (angelicnytemare)
at February 19th, 2008 (01:00 am)

Hawt·ie·la·tive (Haw-tee-'l?-t,,v)
1. Hawties of the highest possible excellence.
2. A contest to vote on which hawtie has the best of different features.

Competitions for the former winners that lets us all vote on which one has the best eyes, best smile, hawtie ink/piercings, etc. Each of the previous winners will be allowed to enter every competition voluntarily and all the members will be able to vote on them during the month on the blog. (If a previous winner isn't on this blog, they didn't enter a picture or this topic doesn't apply to them)

~Everyone to only has FOUR votes.

~Previous winners on LHH-L and LHH, Huntresses, and Admin of the pages get 6 votes. (2 perk votes)

~This does not mean 4 votes per day. It means FOUR VOTES TOTAL!!!

~Anyone caught voting more than FOUR times except the previous winners and the staff of the two pages will be deleted.

~Also, remember NO contest pages, street teams, second profiles, or fan pages may vote. Band pages can vote ONLY if they were given prior permission.


After the last round of voting where we spent a LOT of time cleaning up messes from people not reading the rules, we will no longer contact you if you vote wrong, we will just delete the votes and if you've done it before - we'll delete you.


READ the very simple rules!!!



Voting Ends on February 28!!!!